Fati Sports Fishing and Light Tackle trips.

Nov 17

The zhao was out at the crack of dawn today.  Armed with Chilly Willys and prepping for the upcoming Wahoo tournament on sunday--donald and copeche started the day by hooking a 150lb striped marlin--boatside in 15 minutes with a safe healthy release.  Not long after the big hook up with a 40lb wahoo then a second Hoo within seconds--The first fish was boated soon after--20 minutes later the two realized that maybe the 2nd fish was not a big Wahoo but in fact a large tuna--pushing the 90lb mark.  30 minutes later large fatty onboard Donald and copeche called it a day--spent an hour catching bait for tomorrow and were in and boat washed down by 11am.

Efran, Carlos, and Pablo all had great days on the water too--Three boats of wahoo and tuna also soon followed the zhao to the marina.  Fall fishing is at it's best!