Fati Sports Fishing and Light Tackle trips.

Nov 10

Welcome to neptune tours who have been fishing with us for the last few days!  On nov 8 an assortment of tuna up to 60 lbs.  Yesterday copeche and donald had three nice fish--an 80lb broke the leader at the boat--with a 60lb pound and a 25 lb yellow fin the zhao was done fishing by 830am, cleaned the fish, packed the meat up in coolers and sent them home to fresh dinner in north carolina!  From Baja to home in 8 quick hours!  The fleet has been catching dorado, nice sized yellow fin alone with as assortment of dorado.  bait has been a bit sparse--sardines are moving up the coast and thinning out making it hard on some mornings to find bait--the daily success has still been great!