Fati Sports Fishing and Light Tackle trips.

About Us

Our rich history as a local fishing family that knows and cares deeply about the coast of Baja distinguishes us from many charter outfits in the area.

Our family has been fishing from this stretch of the Sea of Cortez for more than half a century. We have a rich history as a fishing family, and we know this coast and these waters intimately. The southern tip of Baja has changed a great deal over the years, with a great increase in development and influx of people, but we have stayed the same. We may have a few new boats and a new marina, but we’re still Fati, the fishing enterprise started by our grandfather, Senor Macario Aripez (to his son and grandsons). Like our forbear, we approach fishing with care and respect for every aspect of the business: our boats and fishing gear, the fish we catch, the people who fish with us, and the ocean from which we make our living.

Why do people drive 20 miles from Cabo San Lucas to our small village of La Playa? We not only have the best fishing (located just miles from the world famous Gordo Banks and Ima Banks), our small pueblo is still free from shopping malls, pollution, and chain restaurants. At the same time we are easy to find and get to from San Jose del Cabo, the airport, and Cabo San Lucas. Come experience the laid back lifestyle that many seek when traveling to the far ends of the earth for world class fish.

All you have to do is look at our gallery to see that we catch.  We promise you won't be disappointed!